Coming Soon: Ben Grace

At the center of Australian singer-songwriter Ben Grace’s impeccably crafted songs is a story of undoing. Drawn to the roots-driven tradition of Americana to sing the stories that need to be told, Ben’s music hovers in the space between lightness and the depths, wrestling its way through humor and melody to peel back the layers and reveal the naked truth of us. Through the specificity of his own deconstruction, Ben writes into our universal search for belonging, spiritual homecoming, and desire to live seen and unashamed.


Born and raised in an inner city suburb of Sydney,  Ben’s exodus from the beliefs and structures of his childhood weaves poignantly through his lyrics, revealing itself in his deep commitment to justice and willingness to call forward the darker themes in American politics. With the lens of an outsider and the bold voice of a witness, Ben writes to challenge and disrupt our comfort with the status quo. Songs likeMama and An Eye for an Eye take on the realities of systemic racism while holding space for collective mourning, and his latest single, Preacher’s Daughter, confronts the silencing of patriarchal religious culture through a the artfully captured memory of one woman’s intercepted words.


His solo work is the culmination of a 25 year trajectory through the industry that includes the release of over 50 songs and collaborations, each a twist in the gradual unraveling that would lead him to produce under his own name. In the past two years, Ben has joined fellow artists to tour across 20 states and through Europe, playing everything from house shows to historic venues, singing into the truth of our stories and holding them up to the light. (insert a couple conclusion sentences that highlight whatever you're promoting at the moment and are updated regularly)